Welcome to Aiken Software Designs by eMERGE, LLC! We are a small team of freelancers working together to create awesome apps and websites for everyday people! Two nerds are better than one!

Projects Manager/Web Designer: Alexandria


Software Engineer: Jong


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Meet The Team

Two nerds are always better than one!

Alexandria Williams

Projects Manager / Web Designer

Alexandria will be your main point of contact throughout the duration of your project. She will also be responsible for putting the design and logic flow together.

Jong GyongSik

Software Engineer

Jong is the team's coding-extraordinaire! He will be the one writing most of the code for your project.


Aiken Software Designs was not only super professional, but easy to work with! Ms. Williams' consultative approach helped me figure out what I wanted the main focus of my page to be and the re-design is flawless. I HIGHLY Recommend Aiken Software Designs for all of your website needs!


It was a great pleasure working with you to bring my website to life. Everything I imagined for it, you were able to put into your work while enhancing the visual and bringing it to life. I would recommend anyone to use your service. I am very satisfied with the work. I look forward to working with you on future projects!


I would endorse Alexandria as a website designer. She brought my website from a late 1990s style to modernity. I think she did an excellent job!


Wow! My website was completely transformed. I am completely happy with how my website turned out. I showed Alexandria an example of what I wanted and she made it even better! I definitely recommend eMERGE, LLC if you're looking for an awesome website.

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